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Planet is a full-stack web framework for developing, deploying and scaling real-time web applications. Learn more at planetframework.com.
Develop cross-browser real-time websites
Write your code faster in a fantastic IDE
Scale with horizontal and vertical partitioning
Save development time with the Social API
Planet powers the Battlelog web

Productivity Comparision

Planet matches the productivity of frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django for vanilla web development. The productivity increases significantly as web projects encompass real-time and advanced web application features.

Planet is made for real-time

Browse some example features that are a perfect fit for implementing with Planet.

Social Interaction in real-time
Social features moved to the real-time web with instant Notifications, a real-time News Feed and auto-updated Friends Lists with Chats & Group Chats.
Match Lobbies in real-time
Match Lobbies for Gaming Projects moved to the real-time web with drag-and-drop features reflected on all participants screens instantly.
Content in real-time
Blogs, Forums and Comment Systems moved to the real-time web with instant push updates.
Game Insight in real-time
See where and what your friends are doing in the Gaming world on the web, in real-time.
Share stats in real-time with friends, Facebook & Twitter
Stats screens and User Progression moved to the real-time web. Share them on Facebook, Twitter or with friends.

The structure of Planet

Planet ships with a decentralized routing system that supports Horizontal and Vertical Partitioning - find out more at planetframework.com.

Planet in action

Take Planet out for a spin with one of our social real-time demos.

Real-time World Map
Take a brief moment and look at the mile high view of the Planet. The world map shows visitors from around the globe. When someone arrives at ESN.me they will show up on the map. Spy on others or send a greeting!

Implemented entirely using Planet in just a day.

Try the demo

Learn more at planetframework.com